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What suits you is a good pet optical film coater

Pet optical film coater is a kind of production equipment which is mainly used in the coating process of film and paper. It brings convenience to people's coating production. Its reeling and unwinding are all equipped with full speed active film joining organization for application and operation, and tension closed-loop active operation control coating equipment operation. Therefore, in the application process, the operation is simple and fast, but the machine is in There must be wear in use. In view of this situation, the following treatment methods can be used:

During the operation of the coating equipment, the transmission part is severely worn. One is the wear of the shaft head of the drying cylinder, the other is the wear of the bearing chamber of the roll. Generally, the methods of surfacing, thermal spraying and brush plating are used for correction.

Generally, the "regular vertical stripe" defect refers to the parallel stripe along the direction of the machine, and the whole coating width of the optical film coater has this defect. If you take a comb or a hoe on the rubber surface of a new cloth applicator and grasp it in the direction of the machine, Congratulations, you have artificially scratched out the same defects in appearance. Once the defect happens, your product yield will drop to 0% at once, because you can't find a place you can use, and other protruding points and lines are too big to be removed when you cut.

From the point of view of hydrodynamics, the instability of the coating liquid in different positions results in this defect. The instability in the coating substrate will present a sinusoidal wave distribution in the transverse direction of the coating thickness is uneven. If you use a grooved roller such as a wire rod to paint, when the defect occurs, you feel that it is caused by the groove of the wire rod, but when you change to a smooth roller, you will find the problem, and then you are confused. When you measure the gap width of the stripe and compare it with the groove width of the bar, you find that they are not the same.

When choosing the optical film coater, we must ensure its quality, its advantages and disadvantages are relative, and ensure good cutting effect. For example, even the imported blade may not cut properly when it is used, and the domestic blade can completely reach the level of the imported blade. As for which type of blade an enterprise chooses, it needs to accumulate and summarize in practice, so as to find an optical film coater suitable for the enterprise.

Correctly deal with the relationship between the cost performance of pet optical film coater. Not necessarily high price is high-quality products. Take the high-speed PVC tape coater as an example, it uses an imported blade, but it is also equipped with an imported blade while improving the high-efficiency production mode for the enterprise. In addition, its blade clamping system and process requirements are relatively high, not only the initial investment is large, but also the later investment is relatively high. Moreover, in the process of high-speed cutting, the imported optical film coater is often at the edge of the limit, with good stability. This kind of optical film coater often has the situation of blade precision decline in the middle and later period of use. Therefore, enterprises should not only pursue high efficiency and high price, but also choose the optical film coater with high cost performance and suitable for themselves.


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