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Pet optical film coater must be well maintained if it wants to be well coated

Optical film coater is used for screen printing, but its performance is different according to different models and different manufacturers. The vertical frame of the screen coater is provided with a device for clamping the screen frame. The front and back of the screen area is a horizontal coating mechanism, which is composed of a coating groove, a mechanical part or a pneumatic part controlling the angle and pressure of the coating groove. Chinese style

Two ends of the coating mechanism are installed on the vertical support arm of the coating machine, and the coating mechanism moves up and down through the transmission of the belt, chain or cable, and is coated along the surface of the screen. The transmission mechanism is connected to the servo or frequency conversion motor to make its operation stable and to accurately control the position of the coating mechanism. Chinese style

Coater in coating, first of all, clean, taut screen from the front of the coater into, some models can also be loaded from the side screen. In the model designed for large format mesh frame, side mounting is more common, because the mesh frame is large and bulky, and side mounting can reduce the lifting and moving amount. When the automatic screen coater is on line with other automatic screen processing equipment, it is more convenient to install the plate from the side. Chinese style

No matter how the screen is installed, once the screen is in the right position, the pneumatic clamping device or mechanical clamping device will close and lock the screen. In order to operate more convenient, many models have foot pedal control version clip action, operators can free up their hands to control the screen. After the screen is installed, the coating can be started after the corresponding photosensitive emulsion is filled into the automatic coater.

During the maintenance of pet optical film coater, workers should try not to wear earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and other conductive decorations to prevent accidents. Before the maintenance of the optical film coater, the power user and the main power supply outside the coupling must be cut off, and no live operation is allowed.

Do not dismantle, check and adjust any parts on the optical film coater and UV curing coater, unless you have sufficient knowledge of the equipment performance. Do not disassemble or repair the optical film coater equipment alone unless there are other personnel nearby for assistance and immediate help or first aid can be given in case of accident, mechanical damage or personal injury. Only qualified personnel can maintain the optical film coater.

In any case, do not touch the wire connector or other components with wire connection that may be exposed to the outside at will. Before removing or moving the protective device on the hot melt coating machine or replacing the element, the power supply must be cut off. If possible, try to stand on the plastic blanket for maintenance. Never carry out maintenance work on the optical film coater in the flooded floor or very humid environment.

Safety gloves, goggles and long sleeve overalls must be worn during maintenance and repair to avoid scalding of body parts by high temperature liquid hot melt adhesive or by high temperature component surface. When loosening or installing the pressure joint, it must be ensured that the pressure supply for pet optical film coater has been reduced to zero. When cleaning the hot-melt glue cylinder, avoid using fireworks or sharp hard tools to avoid scratching the Teflon non stick coating inside the glue cylinder.

The development of the micro concave coating method of the optical film coater is based on the improvement of the market demand for uniform coating. This new coating method has simple mechanism, good process repeatability and reliability.  Similar to the traditional anilox, the micro concave roll surface is also carved with holes. The size of holes is used to control the amount of glue that can be transferred from the rubber disk. The surplus material is scraped off by the scraper, and the remaining material in the holes is transferred to the substrate in a certain proportion. Generally, the micro concave is coated with contact reverse coating.

The traditional anilox roll coating equipment usually has two upper and lower rollers, the upper roller is rubber roller, the lower roller is anilox roller, the diameter of the two rollers is the same, when coating, the two rollers are pressed together. The big problem of this structure design is that because of the existence of pressing points, it is easy to produce wrinkles and broken lines. The contact type of the micro concave roller can avoid the above problems. In addition, from a safety point of view, the contact type also reduces the pinch point and avoids the risk of operators being caught.

The so-called reversal refers to that the rotation direction of the micro concave roll is opposite to the direction of the base material, and the surface of the roll has more shear to the base material. If the two directions are the same, at the moment of separation of the substrate and the roll, the coating solution will "tear" at the separation point of the two, part of the solution will be transferred to the substrate, part of the solution will remain on the roll, this "tear" will cause defects such as stripes on the coating appearance, and the reverse reason is that there is shear in the opposite direction, so the coating can be smoothed to a certain extent.


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