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What is the feeding efficiency of coater related to

Coating machine drive part wear
During the operation of the coater, there are often problems of the wear of the transmission parts, such as the wear of the drying cylinder head of the coater, the wear of the roll bearing chamber and so on. The traditional repair methods include overlay welding, thermal spraying, brush plating, etc., but all of them have some disadvantages: overlay welding will make the surface of parts reach a very high temperature, cause deformation or cracks, and even lead to shaft fracture when it is serious; the electroplating coating can not be too thick, and the pollution is serious, and the application is limited. With the development of technology, polymer composite materials can be used to solve the above problems. Among them, the more mature technology system of meijiahua is used. The material has a good adhesion and compressive strength, which can avoid dismantling and repairing the coater wear on site. At the same time, because of its metal deficiency, it can absorb the impact vibration of the equipment and avoid the secondary wear.
Damage to concrete foundation of coater
Due to the influence of corrosion, aging, equipment vibration and other factors, the coating machine will also cause damage to the concrete base and other parts, resulting in the loosening of the bolts fastening the equipment, which seriously affects the production. The traditional concrete pouring method will prolong the repair time greatly, which is difficult for enterprises to accept. Polymer composite material also solves this problem very well. The impact resistance and compressive strength of the material itself is much greater than the current concrete material, and it also adheres to steel and other rough surfaces, which can cure rapidly. It is a new scientific research achievement to repair the damage of concrete base of coater.
The feeding mechanism of coater used by coater manufacturers at present, including protecting shell motor and insulating rod, is equipped with operation structure, which enables the mechanism to expand and expand freely, facilitates the processing of coater, increases the convenient mechanism, solves the problem that the mechanism occupies a large space after use, and is equipped with expansion support rod, which adopts expansion rod structure and expansion support rod The strut can be freely extended and retracted to facilitate the support of the mechanism, and facilitate the expansion and placement of the telescopic support rod.
When the structure of the coater moves upward, the structure makes the metal conductive block far away from the middle of the power line of the motor, so as to disconnect the power line of the motor to cut off the power supply of the motor and protect the normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, the coater is equipped with a drying device, which is connected by the upper drying box and the lower drying box, and the reverse coating device is respectively arranged at both ends of the drying device, under the drying device and The device side of the reverse coater is provided with a front coating device, a unwinding device and a winding device, and the substrate to be coated is connected to the unwinding device and the winding device, and the material passes through the reverse coating device and the lower drying oven.
After the precoating device is rotated, it is connected to the winding device through the upper drying box. Now, the widely used drying device is equipped with a front and back coating device, which is used to rotate the front and back of the substrate. It is integrated in the upper and lower drying furnaces, with uniform high-quality coating on both sides. If it is popularized and applied now, it can effectively improve the coating efficiency of the substrate, ensure the coating quality, and improve the double-sided coating The continuity of cloth technology reduces the extra energy consumption and the burden of manual operation.
In order to solve the problem of fixing the existing closed ink bucket, the upper scraper and anilox roller are also in fixed contact, resulting in high frequency of scraper replacement, including the ink cartridge bracket and closed ink bucket for mounting on the printing or coating machine frame. Now the coating machine is involved in the printing field, the sampler includes the base and tray, the base is equipped with a mobile platform, and the bottom of the mobile platform follows a linear path Sliding connection with base.


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