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Changzhou fangyao automation technology co., ltd. is a domestic research and development of packaging machinery coating coating machine. Company is located in beautiful scenery, the humanities ceremony, has more than two thousand years culture of the ancient city of changzhou, jiangsu province, the company is mainly in PE film, optical electronic film profile protective film, plate protective film, separating membrane, advertising supplies, penhui material, car stickers, mold, reflective material, PET film, PET sheet, PP, Ps, aluminum foil, non-woven fabrics and other metals paper-plastic coating machine.
The company has a group engaged in coating slitting industry more than ten years of professional design and debugging personnel, has the rich actual combat experience, carefully developed adhesive tape whole factory equipment and promotion, manufacturing all kinds of professional equipment, can adapt to different levels, the customer will be selected based on their actual high precision, high efficiency, automation, advanced and economical, practical and other mechanical equipment.
The company has a perfect quality control system and processing equipment, there are large grinder, planer, lathe, milling machine; Product quality stability, by the majority of users trust.



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Add: no.10 shijia bridge, yao guan town, wujin district, changzhou city, jiangsu province

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